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Spring Creek Dancers Past and Present


Excellence in First Nation's Song and Dance since 2002 as a group.  

Chi-Miigwech to all of our past and present: artisans, dancers, singers, storytellers, teachers elders and keepers of the language.  We would like to acknowledge our children who are both leading, following and living our culture, language traditions and beliefs.  The Spring Creek Dancers are proud of you!


We would also like to acknowledge our dancers, singers and language keepers who have moved to other parts of turtle island on their life journeys' and self-discovery. 


Nmaamkwendemiwag (we are appreciative) to an elder, teacher, keeper of the language, friend, gentle leader and loving grandmother,  Rose Logan-Pittawankwat for her time with the Spring Creek Dancers and in our lives here in The Mississaugas of the New Credit First Nation.  Special honor in memory of  the late James Eagle, Don and Judy Otto.  We would also like to honor the memory of the late violet shawanda, who was a life-long teach of the Anishinaabek language in the MCFN community.   

We would also like to acknowledge the lives of the Late Aaron Bell, "The Ojibway storyteller," who was a great part of the Whitepine and the springcreek dancers, his stories and memories live on.  

we are also greatful for the short time we had with Angel Chrystal Recollet, she brought dignity, grace and beauty through dance in our springcreek performances.

We would also like to honor the lives of our family members who have also passed on recently to the spirit world.  My daughter, Little, Waagosh Secord (age 14) and her Mishomis (grampa/dad) Walter Secord Sr., All were Nishinaabek dancers, singers and teachers.


We miss all of you very much, Nzaagin.






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